Some may criticize us that we flaunt the fact we are two females in the startup world, but we are here to showcase just that. Showcase the ability females have to enter the competitive workforce empowered, dedicated and ready to make shit happen. From working with some of the biggest tech unicorns in the world to local mom and pop shops, our passion for broadcasting the work of companies we truly believe in keeps us going. Keeps us working those late nights and early mornings. Keeps us humble, and makes us HER.

HER officially launched January 2017. Sure, HER is made up of two individuals, but it is the endless support of old co-workers, strangers met through networking events that are now mentors, those random boarders met on the mountain, friends that are okay with you missing birthdays to meet deadline, and of course, the family that made us these strong individuals, that make HER shine and succeed daily.

Passionate is what we are. Storytelling is what we do.


and this is who we are….